Our Projects


Cultural Revitalization of the first Albanian School in Ferizaj

Ongoing project

Our first project with Tandem is the right big step we took to make significant changes in the world of the cultural heritage. This project aims the revitalization and reuse of endangered Cultural Heritage buildings and creating Cultural and Social hubs for communities that lack one. This intervention will impact the cities urban development, the mindset of people about the importance of heritage and the artistic & creative community.


The first Albanian School in Ferizaj is one of few Austro-Hungarian style buildings in Ferizaj, Kosovo, located in a central and strategic spot for the city with very good accessibility. Abandoned for many years and currently endangered with no maintenance. Ferizaj has arts schools, festivals and artistic activities happening during the year, but the community lacks a cultural space to develop and exhibit their projects. The project concept consists in cleaning and revitalizing the building to transform it in a cultural hub for the community to use in the future. By joining forces with Destil Ceative Hub from Tirana, Albania we will design a strategy to create & run the Social Cultural space. The goal is to start by using the cleaned building with an event & presentation of the vision, aiming to raise awareness, form partnerships by inviting Experts and Community and talk about the importance and history of the building and its future revitalization.